Jan 9, 2009

Bird Watching : MyFijiGuide.com

Matava Adventure quotes that “Twenty-seven of Fiji’s birds are endemic to Fiji, found nowhere else in the world”. This makes bird watching of some interest to naturalists. However, bird watching in Fiji is a matter of location and weather.

Most of the places recommended for wild bird watching are in forests or far inland.


One of the most well known birds of the islands is the Kadavu mask parrot its native habitat is on the island of Kadavu and it is now a protected species. The Kadavu mask parrot is found privately in other parts of Fiji though it is against the law to own them.

In Viti Levu the Colo-i-Suva forest park is recommended as it has a bushwalking trail. However, it is advisable to ensure that the forest park provides guides for such walks or that tourists go with local tour groups.

Bird Watching : MyFijiGuide.com