May 18, 2009

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PICRA's mission is to advance knowledge of Pacific species, populations, and ecosystems through unbiased scientific investigations. We facilitate and conduct research that focuses on understanding of islands and the conservation issues they face. Results are used to develop solutions to conservation problems.


PICRA was formed in 2004 when founding members felt that conservation issues on Pacific islands could benefit from additional research. Although many organizations were already attempting to address various facets of conservation, much more work was needed to form the basis of a complete conservation program.

Documenting the distribution, behavior, interactions, and population dynamics of species inhabiting Pacific Oceania were of utmost importance. Conservation planning and management are complex endeavors, however, so focus on the evolutionary foundations of these species is also important.
Our Work
We are proud of the progress that has been made since our inception in 2004, and we intend to continue expanding.

PICRA sponsored scientists have conduct investigations to facilitate the recovery of insular birds and fish. Before land managers and policy makers plan recovery actions for endangered species, information is often needed about the natural history, population biology, behaviour, resource use, and demography of those organisms.

Pacific Islands Conservation Research Association - Home