Jun 12, 2009

Mai Veikau – Tales of Fijian Wildlife

Mai Veikau – Tales of Fijian Wildlife By Dick Watling

Illustrated by Ian Rolls

Soft Cover, Colour & B&W illustrations, 160 pages

An immensely popular introduction to Fiji’s varied wildlife. 30 short stories written in a popular style but factual and informative.

There is no better reference for learning about Fiji’s snakes or why Banded Sea Krait’s should be treated with respect (Fiji’s Snakes: Fact and Fiction).

  • Why Taveuni’s stick insect shocked the scientific world (Taveuni’s Mythical Mimimata); 
  • some of the most successful biological control work in the world (A Coconut Trilogy) 
  • Fiddlers on the Reef; 
  • Tombs of the Living Dead;
  • When the Vunivalu was bitten.