Feb 3, 2010

Best Trip Ever! - TripAdvisor

This place is awesome!

But before I rant about a the good stuff, a little about the bad. Matava is an eco resort, which means you give up a few luxuries, like AC or even fans so it gets a little hot even at night. Also you may see the occasional mouse or monstrous insect, or hear them in the walls every now and then. However all of this is more than compensated for by: a wonderful staff, beautiful location, great meals and lots to do. Now I rant!

The dive team at Matava is fantastic. They are consummate professionals who worry more about your safety than you do. My girlfriend and I are novice Open Water Divers and the staff really took care of us. We had a dive master swimming along side of us no more than a meter away for most of our dives. They are also really great people I genuinely liked as well. Also the dive boat is huge and has power to spare so it goes anywhere and the dives themselves are wonderful, and teaming with sea life.

We went on some great hikes, kayaked, snorkeled and stayed over night in a village (not to be missed), all of which was great. I did not fish while I was there but I heard it was great from the guests who did, and enjoyed eating their nightly catch.

The staff at the resort is amazingly friendly, including the owners who really go out of their way to give you the trip you want, they tried to arrange some surf for me but the swell and wind did not cooperate. If you want to do something, just ask, they will sort you out.

I really enjoyed the meals at Matava as well, its always fresh local fish and ingredients with daily themes like, Thai, Jamaican, Japanese, etc, nights. The meals are communal which I loved because you get to chat with other guests, owners, dive instructors, guides, etc.

In general I would highly recommend Matava to adventure seeking people who want to do stuff and interact with other people. This is not a sit back and sip umbrella drinks all day type of resort (although you can do that too it you really want). This is more of a wake up early, do amazing things all day, then go to sleep exhausted right after dinner sort of resort and if that is what you are looking for you are going to love Matava, especially divers and sport fishermen. It you are looking for luxury accommodation, and dont dive or fish, you probably wont love this report as much as I did.

Best Trip Ever! - Review of Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji - TripAdvisor