Apr 18, 2010

The Importance of Your Observations

The Importance of Your Observations
General Observations
A Centre for Regional Bird Observations

Resident and visiting birders are encouraged to share their observations. It is the intention that this website will become a centre for distributing up to date bird information for the region.

We still lack a lot of basic information on the breeding and ecology of most of our native, especially the endemic species, and we need to monitor our threatened species. ‘A Guide to the Birds of Fiji & Western Polynesia’ builds on IUCN’s international threatened status categories (Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Least Concern, Data Deficient) with the important addition of national ‘threatened categories’ ie the status in each country, as each country needs to be aware of how the birds are doing in their own country. Only two subjective categories are recognised ‘At Risk’ and a less severe ‘Conservation Concern’. For seabirds in the region these categories are used for their country-by-country Breeding Status.

Observations of the region’s threatened landbirds and observations of breeding by threatened seabirds are important observations for the conservation authorities of the countries concerned – all of which are chronically under-staffed and under-resourced. So your observations could be very useful.
Send your observations as a word document or as a .pdf file, attached to an email: Watling@connectcom.fj

The Importance of Your Observations